Procrastinating in the Library


Photo credits: Joe Duffy, Jacob Holtgraewe, Fatima Jafari, Emma Kliethermes, Stephen Zenishek

Why do people get distracted while they are studying? For some people, procrastination is an art form. These are some typical procrastination strategies used by Westminster students.






You get to the library and open up your word document. Determined to write a paper, you start off with good intentions. You type your name and  a title, but then your mind begins to wander.









All of a sudden, your blank document turns into Facebook, as if by magic.  You find yourself stalking your friends for hours instead of being productive.









Needing to stretch your legs you wander around the library and discover DINOTOPIA! And other distracting literature.










By now you’ve completely given up on your paper, so you move on to your other homework. But instead of solving equations, you decide to solve the meaning of life by looking out into the world.









You realize you are not a philosopher and cannot control what is happening in the world, but you can control what is happening on your farm in Farm Heroes.









Suddenly your friends arrive to do their homework. You join them and begin gossiping about last night’s party. At this point you have given up all hope of getting any homework done today. Maybe you can do it tomorrow.








Worn out from Facebook, roaming the library, contemplating the meaning of life, playing on your phone, and talking with friends, you decide a nap is in order. You deserve it.


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