Westminster Becomes Only Private School in Mid-Missouri with Accredited Business Program


The business program’s accreditation by ACBSP became official in January.

After a two-year process including a questionnaire, self-study, and an inspection, the business program at Westminster College has been reviewed and approved by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The ACBSP accreditation recognizes the quality of the program and places Westminster’s business program among the top in the country.

Westminster College is the only private program in mid-Missouri to have ACBSP accreditation.

Business professor and author of the self-study, Dr. Bill Carner, said the accreditation signifies the value of the program. “Students and parents will see it as a high quality program,” Dr. Carner said.

Students in the program agree.  “It makes me proud to know that the degree I am earning is of high value and that the professors here are doing their best to ensure the success of their students,” Allison Wright, ’17, said. “I am proud to be a part of Westminster and the business program.”

According to Dr. Carner, the accreditation signals to business institutions that Westminster business majors will be high quality graduates. He explained that local employers will be familiar with Westminster’s accreditation and know the type of graduate they are receiving, while out-of-state employers “can look at Westminster and see the accreditation to see they have the education they expect.”

Business major Roberta Burns, ’17, said she was excited to hear of the ACBSP accreditation for this reason. “I know that my business degree will really be taken seriously among future employers, and that I will learn applicable knowledge during my time in the classroom,” Burns said. Recently hired as the Aldi District Manager summer intern, Burns added, “I know that Westminster’s record of producing competent business professionals was taken into consideration during the selection process.”

The college received the official letter stating the approval in January. The process usually takes three years, but Westminster was able to complete it in two, according to Dr. Carner. After the preliminary questionnaire, the mentor assigned to Westminster decided the college was ready for the self-study. Dr. Carner wrote the self-study, which was completed in the summer of 2014. Because there were no major areas the program needed to work on, an inspection team visited the college and gave minor suggestions that were fixed. The ACBSP board then voted and approved Westminster College in December.

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