Honorary Bust in Freshman Quad Knocked Over


Car Flees the Scene after knocking over the bust of the college’s founder, William Robertson, in the freshman quad. 

Campus security was called to the freshman quad by a resident adviser following an incident involving the bust of William Robertson in the Freshman Quadrangle on Jan. 8.  After arriving on the scene, campus security contacted the Fulton Police Department to file a report.  According to Jack Benke, director of campus safety and security, a car knocked over the bust and vanished without reporting the accident.  The event occurred between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

After reviewing surveillance video, campus security saw the car leaving the scene.  Benke said, “I was able to see the car leave campus. I do believe it was an accident.” He further said that after surveying vehicles around campus, he does not believe the car belongs to any students.

In the following days, students noticed the bust was missing.  Freshman Clinton Holden said, “It was a little bit of a shock that it wasn’t there anymore.”

The investigation ended on Monday, Jan. 12 after campus security determined the case to be an accident.

Benke said there is no estimated dollar amount of damage at this time.  However, the bust is insured, and Benke said he hopes the insurance will fully take care of the repairs.  The bust and its pedestal have since been returned to their normal, upright positions, though marks remain in the concrete from where they fell.

If the person responsible for the accident would like to make a report about what occurred on the evening of Jan. 8, he or she should contact Campus Safety and Security at (573) 592-5555.

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