Freshmen Offer Impressions On First Semester At Westminster

Manoj and KarleyBY DALVIN LAW


International freshman Manoj Ghimire and domestic freshman Karley Long share their thoughts on their first semester at Westminster

At the close of the Fall Semester Westminster makes it a point to emphasize perseverance, tradition, and being a community. After walking through the historic Columns and being surrounded by the inspiring people who helped welcome us on that memorable day for the first half of the academic year, Westminster as a whole has worked to preserve those characteristics. Freshman have voiced their opinions on over how they felt their first semester of college. Some have struggled and many more have excelled, making this fall semester  a memorable one.

Manoj Ghimire, an international student from Nepal, quickly found his time at Westminster to be unforgettable. “I had a lot of fun,” he said “I was excited about my first semester of college. I was expecting [to meet] good people.” However, traveling over one thousand miles to go to school in the United States did have its drawbacks. “I think they [Westminster]have tried a lot of stuff and have provided different facilities to international students. I do have one complaint though. I have to comment about the food in the cafeteria, I believe that if you call yourself an international school, you should have more international food. There are some days where I cannot eat the food that they serve. There should also be more international and domestic driven activities on campus.” Given how small the town of Fulton is, and how small a school Westminster is itself, there comes the challenge of accommodating student from all different backgrounds when they step onto this campus.

Although he faced some major homesickness, Ghimire says he ultimately has to commend Westminster on the wonderful international presence this campus has. “I think the Take-A-Friend-Home program, and I found out about the donations for international students to buy winter clothing and other stuff. So I think that’s a pretty good thing for us because it’s hard to save money over here so that’s pretty cool.”

Domestic students also experienced challenges and new opportunities during the fall semester. Karley Long, an active student in the Westminster Community, says her first semester at Westminster was relatively easy. “I was able to handle the academics really well, and transitioned very smooth from high school,” Long said. Long is involved in both SGA and Greek Life as she holds the position of President of the freshman class and is currently pledging a sorority this semester. She says being able to meet all types of people from multiple backgrounds has helped solidify her place as student here. “It really helped me become more of a student. It made me realize that I was more than a freshman, I was a Westminster student.”

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